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Corn salad with pepper and cucumber

Corn salad with bell pepper and cucumber

I so much regret that I am unable to find non-GMO corn on a cob anywhere around here. I like corn a lot and I would like to eat it more often. However, I allow myself for a corn dish…

Spaghetti Lentilese

Spaghetti lentilese

This spaghetti is one of my favorite dishes. Nutrition-wise it is of excellent quality with its complex carbohydrates from brown rice flour and rice bran in the pasta, protein and high mineral content in the lentils, and vitamins in the…

Improvisation on fennel and white eggplants

Improvisation on fennel and white eggplants

Creativity in the kitchen is very useful, especially when surprise veggies appear at home. This was supposed to be something else. I put on the shopping list a fennel, just one, because I got used to the ones I had…