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Friday clear-the-fridge green and yellow salad

Friday clear-the-fridge green and yellow salad

For most of my adult life I was used to having grocery stores and farmers markets in a two, three, five, ten minutes walk distance and to shopping daily. I bought what I needed on my way home and took…

Hatch pepper soup

Hatch peppers soup

Hatch pepper season came to an end. Too bad that it is so short, but on the other hand, there is more joy when they reappear each year. This is the beauty of seasonality that was so usual to our…

Corn salad with pepper and cucumber

Corn salad with bell pepper and cucumber

I so much regret that I am unable to find non-GMO corn on a cob anywhere around here. I like corn a lot and I would like to eat it more often. However, I allow myself for a corn dish…