Learn to cook

The idea and the aim of this section is to give readers the most powerful tool – knowledge and skills – and to boost their creativity in composing their own plant-based meals. Here you will learn to combine your own meals from what you have available. The goal is to teach the readers to cook, invent, and create.

Here is how it works: please hover your mouse over ”Learn to cook” in the main menu and a drop-down list will appear. You will find cooking instructions for grains, legumes, salads, soups, stews, or how to bake your own bread. Simply choose what you would like to eat and go to the proper tab for instructions. If you are a beginner to healthy cooking or to cooking altogether, the Equipment and Shopping tabs will give you an idea of what you might need.

The instructions are very simple. My intention was to make them understandable at the basic beginner level, defined as people who grew up on fast foods and microwavable dishes only, or who made fast foods the staple food of their adulthood. They may seem basic to someone who has been cooking for some time.

If you do not feel like improvising and creating your own meals yet, you are very welcome to follow any of the recipes on this site.

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