Kohlrabi greens with pinto beans

Kohlrabi greens are not only edible. They are also very rich in vitamins and minerals, just like any other greens. They can be used in salads, smoothies or, like here, cooked with legumes. When you buy kohlrabi for the bulbs, the greens should not go to waste.

This meal may be served as it is or accompanied by grains, for example brown rice.

 Kohlrabi greens with pinto beans 1


3 cups cooked pinto beans (or about 1 cup dry beans),

1.5 bunch kohlrabi greens (the other ½ bunch of greens was used in this salad), shredded,

3 cloves garlic, pressed,

½ onion, finely chopped,

1 tablespoon extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil (for frying).

Kohlrabi greens with pinto beans 2

I recommend cooking large amounts of legumes at once, dividing them into small portions and freezing in glass containers (plastic containers are unhealthy when get in contact with food). It saves time and workload. However, if you do not have any cooked pinto beans at the moment, you need to soak them for 8 hours or overnight in about three times as much water as the beans. Cook them with a little bit of sea salt, in just enough water to cover the surface of the beans, until soft.

Heat up the olive oil in a stainless steel pot, add the onion and fry for about two minutes on medium flame. Add the greens and garlic, mix everything very well and keep cooking until soft, for about 25 minutes. Add the beans, mix the ingredients well and, if the beans were refrigerated, keep cooking until they heat up. If they were freshly cooked, serve right after mixing.

Kohlrabi greens with pinto beans 3

Yields about 5 cups.