Kohlrabi and edamame salad

When I was a kid and my mother took me to visit my grandma, there was a vegetable garden there. I was very rarely fed any vegetables, especially raw, actually only when visiting grandma. She used to take me to the garden, pull out some carrots, radishes or kohlrabies, and it is the latter that I remember the most. She took the greens off and gave them to the chickens, peeled the bulbs and gave them to my for crunching. I loved their freshness! Later on, they disappeared of my sight for many years and recently I am happy to have them back. I am also happy to have these lovely memories with veggies, not junk, playing the main role.

 Kohlrabi and edamame salad 1


8 small kohlrabi bulbs,

8 small kohlrabi leaves (choose the youngest and the softest ones),

1 lb (450g) edamame in pods,

1 wedge lemon,

1 clove garlic,

A little bit of sea salt, to taste.

I had 4 green and 4 purple kohlrabies, but it does not matter, because after peeling they are all green anyway.

Kohlrabi and edamame salad 2

I happened to have edamame in pods, but it is additional work to shell them. You may buy them already shelled, if you prefer. One thing I do not like about edamame, however, is that they are available frozen in plastic bags. The pods prevent the edible part from getting in contact with plastic.

I usually do not use salt for vegetable dishes. I use it for grains and legumes only. However, in this case adding a little bit makes a big difference. Sea salt, unlike table salt, is rich in minerals, including trace minerals. If you do not use salt, you may choose to use green olives instead.

Kohlrabi and edamame salad 3

Cut the greens as thin as spaghetti. Press the garlic and squeeze the lemon juice into the greens. Mix it well and let it sit for about 30 minutes to soften a little. Peel the bulbs and grate them on the large holes of the grater or use a food processor with a shredding disc. Steam the edamame according to the directions on the package and shell them. Mix all the ingredients together and leave in the refrigerator to chill.

Yields about 9 cups of salad.