Friday clear-the-fridge green and yellow salad

For most of my adult life I was used to having grocery stores and farmers markets in a two, three, five, ten minutes walk distance and to shopping daily. I bought what I needed on my way home and took all this convenience for granted. In my current residence place there are no stores at all, only supermarkets and farmers markets, all of them far away from home, at least according to my previous life’s standards. Needless to say, I had to learn to plan for weekly shopping.

Friday clear-the-fridge green and yellow salad 1

As I learned to do it, it works well most of the time, except for these weeks when we eat more than we expected or when the plan has to be changed because something is going bad to quick and needs to be eaten earlier than predicted. Sometimes I just cook spontaneously and have unplanned veggies left at the end of the week. Sometimes Friday is just a big improvisation on whatever can be found in the fridge. It was the latter case today, so I just made this clear-the-fridge salad.


 2 small zucchinis,

1 medium cucumber,

1 yellow bell pepper,

½ lb (about 220g) frozen corn kernels,

½ avocado,

¼ lemon,

¼ onion,

A handful fresh basil leaves.

Friday clear-the-fridge green and yellow salad 2


Mash the avocado with a fork, squeeze the lemon juice and press the onion into it using a garlic press. Whisk it and let it sit.


Cook the corn in a little bit of water with some sea salt according to the directions on the package. Let it cool off.

Meanwhile spiralize the zucchini and the cucumber and shorten the spirals to make them convenient to eat. A spiralizer is not is not a must-have in a healthy kitchen, but it is a fun toy to have and a nice gift idea for someone who likes to cook or wants to begin to cook. I like to play with it from time to time. I also like the result on the pictures. However, if you do not have it and have no intention of buying it, you may still make this salad by cutting the veggies into thin sticks with a knife.

Friday clear-the-fridge green and yellow salad 3

Deseed the pepper and cut it into thin, inch-long (about 2,5 cm) pieces. Shred the basil leaves with your fingers. Mix all the ingredients together. Add the dressing and it mix very well again.

Refrigerate it for at least an hour. It might be the August heat here, exceeding 100º F or 40ºC, but this salad tastes much better when really well chilled.