Bell peppers and cucumber salad

This salad is very refreshing on a hot summer day. It is also a vitamin and antioxidant bomb, rich particularly in vitamin A and C. I absolutely love the colors and could eat it every single day. It is very quick and easy to make. No special equipment is needed, just a knife and a chopping board.

Bell peppers and cucumber salad 1


1 red bell pepper,

1 yellow bell pepper,

2 small cucumbers,

2 handfuls parsley leaves,

8 green olives,

¼ red onion,

3 cloves garlic,

¼ lemon,

1 tablespoon extra virgin cold pressed olive oil.

Bell peppers and cucumber salad 2

Dressing: Pour the olive oil into a small ceramic bowl, add lemon juice and pressed garlic. This way the oil will absorb the flavor better. I discourage using plastic bowls because they may leach harmful chemicals into your food.

Salad: Deseed the peppers and chop them into small pieces. Chop the cucumbers into small cubes. Peeling them is optional. I did it here, but sometimes I do not peel them. Dice the onion and parsley leaves. Slice the olives into thin discs.

Bell peppers and cucumber salad 3

Place all the ingredients in a porcelain or glass bowl. Mix them well. Add the dressing and mix everything very well again.

Yields about 6 cups of salad.