All you need is love and a chocolate cake

This is yet another one of my nutritious desserts. Both buckwheat and spelt are rich in dietary fiber, B vitamins and minerals and buckwheat excels in magnesium content and has a great amino acid profile. It is worth including both into your daily diet as a cake, bread or otherwise. Cocoa powder adds even more minerals to the dough making it a very healthy cake. It does not contain refined, added sugar, only sugars naturally occurring in the fruit. Spelt contains gluten.

This is a 3 cups pan. If you do not have a heart shaped one, a regular one will do.

 All you need is love 3


For the cake:

1 ½ cup water,

1 cup whole spelt flour,

1 cup buckwheat flour,

5 tablespoons dark cocoa powder, unsweetened,

½ teaspoon baking soda,

¼ teaspoon fine sea salt,

6 medjool dates,

a handful dried currant,

1 teaspoon coconut oil,

a handful oat bran or any coarse bran of your choice.

For the icing:

1 oz (56 g) cocoa butter,

1 teaspoons cocoa powder,

a dash stevia.

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Cake: If you like your cake very sweet, you may use more dates. With this amount it is just barely sweet, the way I like it. You may choose to use other dried fruit. I like currants because I do not have to chop them.

Pit the dates and blend them with the water. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the water and mix the dough well. It should be thick and dense, but still liquid. When you pour it, it should flow very slowly.

Apply coconut oil on the pan and sprinkle it with the bran. If you do not use oils, you may use baking paper instead. Preheat the oven to 450ºF (about 230ºC) and bake for about 40 minutes, checking occasionally. Poke its middle with a skewer to make sure that it is baked through.

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Icing: Start making the icing as soon as you have put the cake into the oven. It takes some time to cool it off after melting. The melting point of cocoa butter is 93.4ºF (31.1ºC). Thus, it is better to use a double boiler, so it does not get too hot too quickly. I do not have it so I use a 1 cup glass container floating in a pot of water. Place the cocoa butter in the container and let it float while the water gets heated. Do not let the water boil. As soon as it’s melted, remove it carefully from the pot, add cocoa powder and stevia and mix well. Let the mixture cool off until it is dense enough to spread it on the cake.

 Melting cocoa butter


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